Friday, May 06, 2005

NHL & NHLPA Meet for 8 hours - No progress

The NHL and NHLPA met for eight hours over the last two days, and yet no progess was made. Which leads to one question - What the hell were they talking about?

Eight hours of negotiation and no progress? Couldn't you have made no progress in eight seconds?

Gary Bettman - "Here's our new proposal."
Bob Goodenow - "Yeah, that's great. Go to hell."

Seriously, what could they have been talking about? According to the article on the two sides will meet again next week, and the week after, to continue "discussing the conceptual framework first raised at our April 4 meeting."

Whatever. Let me know when you actually make progress, or when you are going to let cameras in to watch the negotiations. Otherwise, for all we know Bob and Gary are in there getting lap dances and/or watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy on DVD. It doesn't sound like they are actually negotiating at all, and if they are and they cannot make any progress in eight hours, then what hope is there that they will be able to save the 2005-2006 season?


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