Monday, May 16, 2005

Cincy Ducks move to Portland expected to be announced today

The Cincinnati Mighty Ducks are expected to officially announce the re-location of the team to Portland, Maine later today according to The Cincy Post.

The move has been rumored for a long time and will end the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim's use of Cincinnati as the home of its AHL farm team after eight years.

Cincinnati Mighty Ducks President and CEO is already talking about the move in the past tense:

We had an excellent relationship with (Anaheim), but they've opted for another direction.

At least one Mighty Ducks prospect is upset by the move. Zenon Konopka, who was tied for second on the team with 46 points this past season, had this to say:

It doesn't make much sense to me. It isn't fair to the fans, in any sense of the word. The fans come out, and they cheer every game. It's going to hurt the game of hockey in Cincinnati. It's going to be tough to win the fans back again. My gut feeling is that it might go dark for a year. There's a lot of bad decisions that have happened in hockey, and it just seems like things like this happen all the time.

The announcement of an affiliation between the Mighty Ducks and the Portland Pirates has yet to be made, and no affiliation between Cincinnati and another AHL team is planned. The team will most likely not field a team next season and will have to wait for a team to move there before beginning play again.


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